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make it your last time.


As a former multiple retaker of the Florida Bar Exam turned Esquire, I am uniquely qualified to coach you through one of the most challenging experiences you will face in preparing to become an attorney. Last Call is not a bar prep program. It is a path to passing.

hey retakers,
take a seat
and hang out
for a bit

More than ten years ago, the July 2011 Florida Bar Exam had an overall pass rate for first time takers of 80%. Since then, pass rates have been in decline. When looking at the average overall pass rate since 2015, roughly 60-65% of first time takers pass the Florida Bar. For retakers, that number seemingly drops significantly and data is not typically released.

So what is a retaker to do? Back to the drawing board! Except most commercial bar prep companies have no idea how to specifically help retakers that may need to juggle work and bar prep. Those long days and nights of studying are often no longer feasible. On top of everything, this process becomes a lot more expensive than retakers originally planned for. Multiple retakers feel the financial strain even more between examination fees, prep materials, resubmitting applications once they go stale, and more. And we could write pages about how being a retaker impacts your mental health (so we won't go there... for now).

That's where Last Call comes in. Hi! I'm Megan Moschell Santiago. I was a multiple retaker of the Florida Bar Exam, and after finally passing, I had a bit of a light bulb moment. I figured out how to prepare as a retaker that allowed me to finally pass while balancing work, family, money, and bar prep. I have been helping other examinees since I passed in April 2021, and I'd love to help you too.

Last Call is NOT a typical bar prep program, and I am not a tutor. So, what is it? I am a bar coach that is going to work with you on a path to passing. Hopefully this time, but it might take a little longer for some. Stick with me, and I will do whatever I can to help you get to the finish line.


First, you need to decide if you're ready to take on the COMMITMENT of preparing for this exam. As a coach, I don't require full-time job hours from you for prep, but you should be mentally prepared to treat this as a part-time job. If your work/life balance doesn't currently allow for that, we can talk about how to arrange your life in order to accommodate bar prep. The most important part is your mindset. If you have the mental preparation, drive, and motivation then we can work together to make it happen.

I realize that's a tough one for retakers though. Sometimes, failing the bar exam creates a lot of self doubt which makes it very easy to lose motivation. That's okay too. All feelings and circumstances are valid here. Part of my job as a coach is to have those tough conversations with you. With most of my examinees, we start with a DISCOVERY CALL. I will ask you about your history with the exam, you'll tell me more about yourself and your day-to-day life, and we will go over some logistics with your schedule and what prep materials your plan on using. At that point, you'll have all the information you need to know if you're ready to start the process again.

Commitment to Your Goal + Discovery Call. That's how we get started.

Schedule a call with me today!

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Last Call Bar Exam is absolutely the best bar prep option on the market. Trust me, I've tried them all. As a repeat taker, I can tell you that half the battle is not giving up on your dreams. Before Megan, I struggled to keep my head in the game and my heart focused on the ultimate goal.

After Megan? My score jumped 32 points from my first bar exam. My game plan walking into the exam was structured and well-practiced. My fear of the unknown - of things coming up during study time, of getting a curveball during the exam -  was greatly diminished. After working with Last Call Bar Exam, I knew how to roll with the punches and stay on track for test day. This is your answer. This is how you will pass. The call is yours, make it your last! - Maria

What is included and how much does it cost?

For preparation for the July 2024 Florida Bar Exam, the program fee for Last Call is a flat rate of:

$500 (March start dates)

$450 (April start dates)

$400 (May start dates)


Here is what is included with that fee:

•I will meet with you for about an hour initially to do an analysis of past scores and to get to know you a little better. We will finish up our first session by creating a big picture plan.

•Based on that big picture, you will receive a study plan in the form of a calendar or task list. These are often slightly modified during the course of the program.

•On a weekly basis, we will meet by phone or Zoom. Meetings typically average 10-20 minutes each week. Some weeks are less and some weeks are more depending on where you are in the process. The weekly check-ins are designed to help make adjustments to your study plan, tackle mindset issues before they spiral out of control, narrow focus to areas that are giving you trouble, and ultimately to provide accountability to keep you on track. Holiday weekends and other life events may allow for some deviation from meetings, but participants are encouraged to schedule and attend meetings each week.

•You will also have access to a private Facebook group with my other Last Call students where I will post resources, helpful videos, exam updates, sample questions, etc. Scheduling for the weekly meetings times is also done through the Facebook group. **Please note- joining the Facebook group is not optional. If you do not have Facebook, you can create a blank account that is only to access the group. This is the only way for me to schedule everyone's weekly meetings efficiently**

•Each month, I will also host a group Zoom session where we will go through a handful of MBE questions together and talk about test tips and how to approach questions. There will also be multiple essay workshops where EACH Florida essay topic will be covered. In each essay workshop, we will go over at least two Florida bar exam essays from a selected topic. Group workshop dates are scheduled in advance and they will be recorded and available to watch for up to one week after. Workshops typically take place on weekends to accommodate traditional work schedules.

•Lastly, I will provide essay feedback for up to 10 practice essays. This includes feedback for your prior exam essays ordered from the Florida Bar. I will give you notes for where I think you may have missed points, and provide tips for maximizing points on exam day.

•In addition to my program, MBE takers should purchase access to a question bank. Licensed questions are preferred (from companies like AdaptiBar and UWorld). In our discovery call, we can discuss what resources you already have and figure out if anything additional may be needed and go over all costs before you sign on with me.

Long story short: The fee includes a score analysis, study plan, weekly virtual meetings for accountability and tracking progress, access to additional resources in a private Facebook group, monthly group workshops, and essay feedback.


Scroll back up and request a discovery call, or just send me an email:

What are students saying?

I passed!!! I got a 144 on both parts. I wouldn't have been able to do it without your program. Thank you for what you do. I am eternally grateful.

It was the structure I needed and the accountability that allowed me to pass this time around. 


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